BENEE – “Green Honda”

BENEE – “Green Honda”

I haven’t been especially moved by a lot of what New Zealand alt-pop singer BENEE has released since her Gus Dapperton collab “Supalonely” went viral three years ago. Not that her output has been bad, it just hasn’t broken through the music industry’s endless noise and connected with me. Her new song does.

“Green Honda” is a joyously snarling shit-talk extravaganza. Riding a pounding new wave keyboard loop on the verses and some late-’90s alt-electronica action on the chorus, BENEE unloads half-rapped scathing lyrics along the lines of “All your friends are fucking fake/ They’re all too boring and too straight/ I cringe at everything they say/ And you’re just like them, boy, don’t play.” The song arrives with a similarly sassy high-stimulation music video by Eliot Charof and AA, and it’s billed as the first taste of “a larger body of work.”

Saying she wanted to write a song “about knowing where you’re at and what you need to say and not being afraid,” BENEE explained that the song is partially inspired by the green Honda she actually drives: “There is a personal history to the Green Honda story… my green Honda was my first car, passed on to me by my grandmother when she gave up driving. I call him ‘Steve’, and he’s on the cover of my ‘STELLA & STEVE’ EP. We’ve had lots of adventures together.”

Watch the video below.

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