OK Cool – “normal c”

OK Cool – “normal c”

Bridget Stiebris and Haley Blomquist are OK Cool, a Chicago-based indie band with a new EP on the way. It’s called fawn, and it blows through eight songs in 17 minutes. Lead single “normal c,” out today with a video by Justin Sheehan and Brian Garbrecht of Roadhouse Productions, is full of snaking riffs and fiery vocals, and on first listen it strikes me as quite good.

Stiebris shared this statement:

“I wrote this song about the heaviness I sometimes feel about being out in public, and the eventual conclusion that sometimes I can just accept that feeling without digging into the underlying meaning, or feeling like it’s something that needs fixing.”

Watch the “normal c” video below.

01 “333”
02 “normal c”
03 “4 what???”
04 “nissanweekends”
05 “mud”
06 “whiplash”
07 “treat me nice”
08 “soaked in”

The fawn EP is out 4/28 on Take A Hike.

Kennedy Cottrell

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