Sweet Dreams Nadine – “Weird Love”

Sweet Dreams Nadine – “Weird Love”

The New York band Sweet Dreams Nadine, formerly known as just Nadine, pairs Nadia Hulett with former Ava Luna members Julian Fader and Carlos Hernandez aka Carlos Truly. They have a self-titled album coming in April on Dear Life Records, and its lead single “Weird Love” is quite good. The percolating pop track taps into a pleasing retro francophone vibe, like Stereolab recording with a Casio, but also veers into some arty guitar work that alters the music’s complexion in fascinating ways. The charming spoken-word bit at the end in which Hulett asks her bandmates about their love life pushes this one over the top for me. Watch the Hulett-directed music video below.

01 “Something On My Mind”
02 “Indigo”
03 “Painted Blue”
04 “Weird Love”
05 “Make Good”
06 “Off The Coast Of Mexico”
07 “Not Callin’ Out”
08 “sdn”
09 “Track Star” (Feat. Carlos Truly)
10 “Center Of Wheel”

Sweet Dreams Nadine is out 4/14 on Dear Life.

Montsho Jarreau Thoth

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