Susanne Sundfør – “alyosha” & “leikara ljóð”

Susanne Sundfør – “alyosha” & “leikara ljóð”

Norwegian artist and Röyksopp go-to Susanne Sundfør has not technically released a full-length album since 2017’s Music For People In Trouble. Looks like that might be about to change, though. Sundfør has just shared two new songs — “alyosha” and “leikara ljóð.” They’re set to appear on a brand-new project, Blómi, out in April via Bella Union/Warner. The first track, “alyosha,” is more of an ethereal ballad, while “leikara ljóð” is propelled forward by gospel-inspired hand clapping and layered harmonized chants.

Check both songs out below.

01 “Orð vǫlu”
02 “Ashera’s Song”
03 “Blómi”
04 “Rūnā”
05 “Fare Thee Well”
06 “Leikara ljóð”
07 “Alyosha”
08 “Ṣānnu yārru lī”
09 “Náttsǫngr”
10 “Orð hjartans”

Blómi is out 4/28 via Bella Union/Warner.

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