Lael Neale – “In Verona”

Lael Neale – “In Verona”

It’s not every day that we get an eight-minute track inspired by Shakespeare, but here we are. Lael Neale is a couple months out from releasing her new album Star Eaters Delight, a project she introduced with “I Am The River” at the top of the year. Second single “In Verona” is a spaced-out, snaking track that invokes the opening scene of Romeo & Juliet. “In Verona/ Where we laid/ Our perfect death,” Neale sings in its opening lines. “Let the wine spill down the stone steps/ Let us tear each other to bits/ In Verona, in Verona, in Verona/ Where we live.” It’s sounds cooler than you might think! Listen below.

Star Eaters Delight is out 4/21 via Sub Pop.

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