ther – “impossible things”

ther – “impossible things”

Heather Jones is a recording engineer in Philadelphia, and she’s worked with bands like Sadurn and They Are Gutting A Body Of Water. Jones also leads a band of her own, a slowcore project called ther, and it includes members of bands like Sadurn and Crooks & Nannies. With ther, Jones has been releasing music since 2019, and the band has just announced the debut album a horrid whisper echoes in a palace of endless joy today.

On “impossible things,” the lead single from the new LP, Heather Jones and Veronica Magner sing softly over a warm, reassuring bed of acoustic instrumentation that sounds extremely DIY. Here’s what Jones says about the song:

I wrote this song at a time I felt connected to the expansiveness of eternity, and when forever didn’t feel so long. I was bouncing back from a long, low point in a big and intentional way, ready for the uncertainty and terror of the future, and anchoring my heart around the joy of loving and being loved. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel so aligned again with what normally feels obtuse and impossible, but it’s a comfort to carry this song around in my back pocket, remember that it’s there, and play it with my friends.

Below, listen to “impossible things” and check out the album’s tracklist.

01 “1 kid”
02 “big papi lassos the moon”
03 “water that you cannot drink”
04 “love is always”
05 “impossible things”
06 “a brief moment”
07 “a whisper”
08 “with you”
09 “2 holidays”

a horrid whisper echoes in a palace of endless joy today is out 4/14, and you can pre-order it at Bandcamp.

Kati Malison

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