KAYTRAMINÉ (Kaytranada & Aminé) – “4EVA” (Feat. Pharrell)

KAYTRAMINÉ (Kaytranada & Aminé) – “4EVA” (Feat. Pharrell)

KAYTRAMINÉ is the new pairing of rapper Aminé and producer Kaytranada, though it’s not really that new of a pairing. The two artists have been circling each other since 2014, when Aminé turned Kaytranada’s 2013 single “At All” into the bootleg remix “Not At All.” This led to three Kaytra credits on Aminé’s 2015 mixtape Calling Brio. Now, after all these years, the duo has officially teamed up on a full-length album.

In May, KAYTRAMINÉ will release their self-titled LP. They’re launching the rollout today with “4EVA,” featuring none other than Pharrell Williams, who also co-produced the track. Hear it below, and look out for director Jack Begert’s video for the song later today.

Lucas Creighton

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