PJ Harvey – “A Child’s Question, August”

PJ Harvey – “A Child’s Question, August”

I Inside The Old Year Dying — now there’s an album title. Specifically, it’s the title of the new PJ Harvey album, her first since 2016’s The Hope Six Demolition Project. 2016! Barack Obama was still president when that record came out. Polly Jean, it’s been a minute.

Despite that long interim between releases, Harvey says the songs for I Inside The Old Year Dying “all came out of me in about three weeks.” The new LP is once again produced by Harvey’s longtime collaborators Flood and John Parish. It’s preceded by lead single “A Child’s Question, August,” which I find less compelling as a title. Fortunately the song itself, which arrives with a video by Steve Gullick, is haunting and mesmerizing and worth your time.

Watch below.

01 “Prayer At The Gate”
02 “Autumn Term”
03 “Lwonesome Tonight”
04 “Seem An I”
05 “The Nether-edge”
06 “I Inside The Old Year Dying”
07 “All Souls”
08 “A Child’s Question, August”
09 “I Inside The Old I Dying”
10 “August”
11 “A Child’s Question, July”
12 “A Noiseless Noise”

I Inside The Old Year Dying is out 7/7 on Partisan.

Steve Gullick

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