Fotocrime – “Turn Away”

Fotocrime – “Turn Away”

Louisville post-punks Fotocrime (fronted by former Coliseum singer Ryan Patterson) have announced their signing to Artoffact Records, plus plans to release their fourth album, Accelerated, coming September 8. Along with the news is a lead single, “Turn Away.”

“‘Turn Away’ is a fatalistic love song about knowing the bitter end ahead, yet not being able to turn away from the object of desire,” Patterson shares. “Written and recorded not long after the death of Mark Lanegan, his influence inspired me to further explore the deeper register of my voice, which I do throughout the album. The track begins with a scratchy old Roland CR-8000 drum machine that gives way to a full-bore darkwave groove, a melding of sounds that nods to our influences of American crooners and Cold War post-punks.”

Accelerated was primarily recorded at Patterson’s House Of Foto recording studio. Opener “On The Edge Of Light” was recorded by J. Robbins at DC punk studio Inner Ear prior to its closure. “In recent years reality has rapidly shifted as time seems to move at an ever-increasing speed,” Patterson adds. “Our daily lives, access to information, and ability to process art have hastened in innumerable ways. Accelerated is our response and reaction to living in this moment.”

Listen to “Turn Away” below.

Accelerated will be out 9/8 via Artoffact Records. Pre-order it here.

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