Stream Wiki’s New Surprise EP Papiseed Street Vol. 1

Stream Wiki’s New Surprise EP Papiseed Street Vol. 1

The New York underground rap lifer Wiki makes a whole lot of music. In 2021, he released Half God, a triumphant album produced entirely by Navy Blue. Wiki followed that one last year by teaming up with producer Subjxt 5 on the album Cold Cuts and by releasing One More, a collaborative EP with MIKE and the Alchemist. Today, without advance warning, Wiki has another new EP out in the world.

Wiki’s new Papiseed Street Vol. 1 is a Bandcamp exclusive, recorded with producers Juju Merk and Laron & Luca Beats. Once again, Wiki applies his charismatic, slurring delivery to jittery, hacked-up boom-bap beats, though some of these tracks at least nod in the direction of New York drill. Sample of Oscar The Grouch’s voice hold the whole thing together. Listen below.

You can get Papiseed Street Vol. 1 at Bandcamp.

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