Diners – “The Power”

Diners – “The Power”

Any power-pop fans out there? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Make some room in your life for DOMINO, the new album from Phoenix-founded, Los Angeles-based Diners. Band leader Blue Broderick recruited Portland power-pop maestro Mo Troper to produce the new LP, and its lead single shares Troper’s knack for bringing classic Beatles-esque pop songwriting into today’s lo-fi analog landscape.

Broderick’s statement on the track:

There’s a saying among my friends from Phoenix about “eating the whole apple” and it has to do with making the most out of life. “The Power” is about eating the whole apple. This song is meant to ward off anxious thoughts with the power of scuzzy guitars and positive affirmations.

Watch director Samantha Sutcliffe’s video for “The Power” below.

01 “Working On My Dreams”
02 “Domino”
03 “So What”
04 “Someday I’ll Go Surfing”
05 “The Power”
06 “Painted Pictures”
07 “I Don’t Think About You The Way I Used To”
08 “From My Pillow”
09 “Your Eyes Look Like Christmas”
10 “Wisdom”

DOMINO is out 8/18 via Bar/None.

Rachel Lewis

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