The Armed – “Everything’s Glitter”

The Armed – “Everything’s Glitter”

The Armed announced new album Perfect Saviors — billed as a look at what constitutes “pop culture” in the age of limitless information — by sharing “Sport Of Form,” an all-star affair that featured vocals from Julien Baker and a video with Iggy Pop. The second single, out today, forgoes guest stars in favor of the core Armed lineup.

“Everything’s Glitter” starts with guitar feedback and keeps up an intense, hard-crashing drum attack throughout, but it’s also one of the poppier songs in the band’s catalog. They’re billing it as their version of arena rock, which makes some kind of sense, but to me it sounds like the Strokes gone Super Shredder. Singer Tony Wolski, who co-produced the album and directed the “Everything’s Glitter” video, offers his summary:

This track uses Bowie’s famed first US appearance in 1971 for a 3-week press tour as a framing device to consider the razor’s edge between icon and clown. It’s funny how any genius must ultimately be willing to look like a complete fool. Perhaps fittingly, it’s also the closest thing we’ve made to an arena rock song.

Watch below.

Perfect Saviors is out 8/25 on Sargent House.

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