Jolie Holland – “Haunted Mountain”

Jolie Holland – “Haunted Mountain”

Later this month, Big Thief’s Buck Meek is releasing a new solo album, Haunted Mountain. A few months after that, the folk musician Jolie Holland is releasing a new album also called Haunted Mountain, which came about after the pair collaborated on a track. As Pitchfork runs down, both wanted to name their respective albums Haunted Mountain after working together.

“He wanted to name his record Haunted Mountain, ‘…only if you’re not already naming your record Haunted Mountain,'” Holland recounted. “Well, that had been the name of my next record for quite a while. We thought about it for a minute and decided it was bizarre and wonderful. I am enormously pleased that Buck chose it as his album name too.”

Hear Holland’s “Haunted Mountain,” which includes contributions from Buck Meek, below.

01 “2,000 Miles”
02 “Feet On The Ground”
03 “Highway 72”
04 “Won’t Find Me”
05 “One Of You”
06 “Haunted Mountain”
07 “Me And My Dream”
08 “Orange Blossoms”
09 “What It’s Worth”

Haunted Mountain is out 10/6.

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