Melenas – “K2”

Melenas – “K2”

The Pamplona band Melenas are releasing their new album Ahora through Chicago’s great Trouble In Mind label this month. The new advance single out this week, “K2,” is giving off big “Spanish Stereolab” energy with its lush keyboards, driving krautrock pulse, and chic Euro-pop vocals. The secret sauce might be that bassline, though.

The band says:

“K2” is not about the mountain, even though it is one of the highest peaks in Melenas’ repertoire. The song title refers to the second track that’s more strongly influenced by krautrock on the band’s forthcoming third album. A sweet and catchy pop melody, on top of a repetitive, mechanical beat and chord pattern, creates the perfect hypnotic mood to help you get lost inside the song and find in it echoes of Neu! or Stereolab.

Below hear “K2” along with prior Ahora singles “Dos pasajeros” and “Bang.”

Ahora is out 9/29 on Trouble In Mind. I studied abroad in Pamplona for 11 weeks once, and it was really chill.

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