Watch Madder Rose Reunite For First Show In 24 Years

Watch Madder Rose Reunite For First Show In 24 Years

The New York dream-pop band Madder Rose formed in 1991 and released four albums before breaking up in 1999. Madder Rose never became hugely famous, but they were always good. For alt-rockers of a certain age, the mere mention of that band’s name is enough to set off a nostalgic reverie. That’s why it was so cool and unexpected to learn that the reunited Madder Rose would play their first show in nearly a quarter-century.

Madder Rose actually quietly got back together in 2019, and they’ve released two albums since then. Before this weekend, though, Madder Rose hadn’t played live since 1999. Last week, we learned that the band had joined the lineup of Dromedary Records’ 30th-anniversary celebration as last-minute replacements for fellow ’90s rockers Monsterland. Madder Rose joined a bill that included reactivated contemporaries like Lotion, Antietam, Sleepyhead, and Das Damen. Last night in Catskill, they made their return to the stage.

There’s not a whole lot of evidence of last night’s Madder Rose set up online at the moment. Right now, as far as I can tell, it’s limited to one short video and one photo. So maybe the people in the crowd just put their phones away for this one. If so, good for them. Check it out below.

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