Runnner – “ten” & “eleven”

Runnner – “ten” & “eleven”

Noah Weinman, the Los Angeles musician who records as Runnner, has been active for a few years, but he didn’t come out with his full-length debut Like Dying Stars, We’re Reaching Out until last year. Today, he’s announced a follow-up album that takes him in a very different direction. On the forthcoming LP Starsdust, Weinman digs deep into instrumental ambient music, building a whole new sound from samples that he took from his last record.

Weinman started playing around with sample-based tracks while touring behind Like Dying Stars, We’re Reaching Out, but he got deep into the project while stuck at home after a severe achilles tendon injury. On Starsdust, he takes sounds from his last album and builds soundscapes out of them. Today, Weinman has shared two tracks from Starsdust. (The songs are all named after their spots on the tracklist.) On “ten,” Weinman goes for drawn-out washes of horn, while “eleven” is a tingly, laid-back breakbeat blissout.

In a press release, Weinman has this to say:

I made one rule for myself while making this record, and it was that I wasn’t allowed to record any new audio. Every sound on this album is a repurposed stem from Like Dying Stars, We’re Reaching Out. I was allowed to pitch, flip, stretch, and chop anything I wanted, but everything had to begin from something already recorded for the last album.

Below, check out both “ten” and “eleven.”

01 “one”
02 “two”
03 “three”
04 “four”
05 “five”
06 “six”
07 “seven”
08 “eight”
09 “nine”
10 “ten”
11 “eleven”
12 “twelve”

Starsdust is out 2/2 on Run For Cover.

India Coombs

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