Good Morning – “Just In Time” & “Ahhhh (This Isn’t Ideal)”

Good Morning – “Just In Time” & “Ahhhh (This Isn’t Ideal)”

The Australian duo Good Morning are in album mode once again. The Polyvinyl-signed partnership of Liam Parsons and Stefan Blair are about to release the 17-song, 51-minute Good Morning Seven, so named because it’s their seventh LP (duh). A bunch of those songs have already been released — “Dog Years,” “Queen Of Comedy,” “One Night,” “Real I’m Told” — and two more are out today. “Just In Time” and the enjoyable titled “Ahhhh (This Isn’t Ideal)” continue to show off Good Morning’s gift for lush retro pop balladry that reminds me Abbey Road deep cuts, Kings Of Convenience, Whitney, Magnetic Fields, Wilco, and the like. It’s drowsy, melodious pop-rock, magnificently rendered with a gentle touch. It’ll probably be splendid to watch these guys open for Waxahatchee this year.

Below, hear all six of the songs released so far and daydream about how nice the other 11 must be.

01 “Arcade”
02 “Ahhhh (This Isn’t Ideal)”
03 “Monster Of The Week”
04 “As The Dogs Were Playing”
05 “The Worm Turns”
06 “Dog Years”
07 “Queen Of Comedy”
08 “The Lake”
09 “Diane Said”
10 “One Night”
11 “Excalibur”
12 “Real I’m Told”
13 “Just In Time”
14 “Toy”
15 “Jelly Legs”
16 “Dogs On The Beach”
17 “The Fear!”

Good Morning Seven is out 3/22 on Polyvinyl. Pre-order it here.

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