Laughing – “Bruised”

Laughing – “Bruised”

The Montréal band Laughing — whose members have logged time in Nap Eyes, Monomyth, Human Music, and Fountain — call back to grunge-era power-pop a la the Lemonheads on “Bruised,” the jangly new single from their forthcoming debut album Because It’s True. The track’s got a contagious momentum and is packed with gorgeous musical flourishes; is that a violin back there amongst the guitars?

A message from the band:

I really wanted an insistent mandolin on this song to underscore the bent of the narrator but ended up just trying to replicate that feeling on the guitar. I’m pretty into the solo Cole laid down on this one. I feel like he really hit the sweet spot between Richard Lloyd and Robert Quine, the gold standard for effortless melodicism and subtle skronk.

Because It’s True is out 6/28 on Celluloid Lunch/Meritorio.

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