+/- (Plus/Minus) – “Gondolier”

+/- (Plus/Minus) – “Gondolier”

Earlier this month, the New York trio +/i announced their first new album in a decade, Further Afield, and shared its lead single “Borrowed Time.” Further Afield is out late next month, and today the band is sharing a second new song from it, the 7-minute “Gondolier.”

“I bought this little keyboard and showed my son how to use it one day. The initial passage you hear in the song is something he came up with. I took it from there and expanded it,” the group’s James Baluyut explained. “It seemed like a weird little story: I gave something to my son, he gave something back to me, I expanded that. Maybe he’ll do something similar with his children. As I was writing the lyrics, it made me think about sons becoming fathers and teaching their sons to become fathers in this eternal loop.”

Listen below.

Further Afield is out 5/31 via Ernest Jenning Record Co.

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