Puscifer – “The Algorithm”

Puscifer – “The Algorithm”

Puscifer wrote and recorded a new song for a comic book series based on American Psycho. Yes, that’s right: the Bret Easton Ellis novel turned iconic 2000 movie has gotten the a comic book treatment, with a story written by Michael Calero and illustrated by Piotr Kowalski and Brad Simpson. The series published its first issue last year and is still ongoing, and now it will have a soundtrack component.

Here’s the official description: “The five-issue series delves into a dual storyline format: one tracing the chilling exploits of Patrick Bateman, and the other introducing a contemporary narrative featuring Charlene Carruthers – a social media-savvy millennial whose descent into violence mirrors the chilling escalation of her predecessor.”

Puscifer’s contribution to the soundtrack is called “The Algorithm,” and it comes with a music video that the band worked on alongside the comic artists. Puscifer’s guitarist Mat Mitchell had this to say: “Our approach to writing ‘The Algorithm’ was not to delicately peel back the layers of the onion, but instead, to take an axe to it.”

Check it out below.

The American Psycho comic series is being put out by Sumerian Comics, and its soundtrack is being put out by Sumerian Records.

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