Dawn Richard & Spencer Zahn – “Breath Out”

Dawn Richard & Spencer Zahn – “Breath Out”

The R&B adventurer Dawn Richard and the avant-garde composer and bassist Spencer Zahn teamed up in 2022 for Pigments, a fantastic and unexpected collaborative album. Today they announced the sequel.

Dawn x Zahn LP2 Quiet In A World Full Of Noise is coming in October, once again via Merge. It’s an improvisational affair all around. Zahn says he “wrote all these stream-of-consciousness pieces on piano, and they were eerie, spacious piano tracks.” Richard responded to the music in kind: “I did not write this down—I purged it out, and then I didn’t change anything after it. Our family has a distorted view of therapy; I’ve had to do a lot of healing on my own. So this was a moment of severe openness, sharing that moment with the world.”

Hear lead single “Breath Out” below.

01 “Stains”
02 “Quiet In A World Full Of Noise”
03 “Traditions”
04 “Diets”
05 “Stay”
06 “Life In Numbers”
07 “Moments For Stillness”
08 “The Dancer”
09 “Breath Out”
10 “To Remove”
11 “Ocean Past”
12 “Try”

Quiet In A World Full Of Noise is out 10/4 on Merge. Pre-order it here.

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