Lindsay Reamer – “Figs And Peaches”

Lindsay Reamer – “Figs And Peaches”

From 2019 to 2023, Lindsay Reamer worked as a field scientist. She released her first EP, Lucky, in 2021, and today the Philly indie musician is announcing her debut full-length, Natural Science, inspired by her time in National Parks gathering data. The serene lead single “Figs And Peaches” is out now.

“I wrote ‘Figs And Peaches’ after reading a trail sign about invasive plants somewhere along the Natchez Trace in Mississippi,” Reamer explained. She continued:

I learned that Japanese Stiltgrass was first introduced to North America because it was used as packing material for shipments of fragile porcelain in the early 20th century. Stiltgrass is now found pretty much everywhere east of Texas.

I also reference a bit of folklore surrounding the B. L. England Generating Station, which is a recently demolished coal plant in South Jersey. It’s rumored that the warm water surrounding the plant attracted fish that might usually migrate south, which made it an excellent fishing spot. This all got me thinking about unintended consequences, which is a heavy theme within environmental history.

On an individual level, I think there’s something oddly comforting about knowing we can affect the things around us… for better or worse. In this song I’m focusing on the former. This framing makes me feel less hopeless. So, I think this song is about me trying to remember that in my own little life; to be less passive. To reach out, pick my own fruit, and own the consequences instead of waiting for it all to come to me.

“Figs And Peaches” is definitely the loudest song on the record. I feel really lucky that Eliza Niemi agreed to play cello on it. I’ve been enamored with her music since we played a show together when she was on tour in Philly. I think it’s best enjoyed in the car or on the train, on your way home after a long day.

The LP is full of collaborators: Tyler Bussey on guitars and banjo, Artie Sadtler on bass, Lucas Knapp on synthesizers and percussion, Juliette Rando on drums, Will Henriksen on fiddle, Eliza Niemi on cello, Victoria Rose on guest vocals, Michael Cormier-O’Leary on drums, Peter Gill on guitar, and Frank Meadows on bass. Watch the “Figs And Peaches” video below.

01 “Today”
02 “Spring Song”
03 “Red Flowers”
04 “Sugar”
05 “Lucky”
06 “Mushroom House”
07 “Necessary”
08 “John’s Song”
09 “Figs And Peaches”
10 “Heavenly Houseboat Blues” (Townes Van Zandt cover)

Natural Science is out 8/16 on Dear Life.

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