knitting – “Sleeper”

knitting – “Sleeper”

Last month, knitting signed to Vancouver’s Mint Records and announced their sophomore album, Some Kind Of Heaven, following self-releases and opening slots for acts like Truth Club, Cherry Glazerr, and Nap Eyes. The Montreal group released the lead single “Spirit Gum,” and today they’re back with “Sleeper.”

Some Kind Of Heaven is produced by Preoccupations’ Scott Munro. “Sleeper” is an indie rock whirlwind about bandleader Mischa Dempsey reckoning with their non-binary identity. “While it might be statistically kind of unlikely, my sister is also trans and came out to me and my parents a few years ago while I was visiting home for my birthday,” they explained. They continued:

It honestly kind of blew my mind — watching her ask herself questions I remember asking myself — and I feel like it really brought us closer. While I know our experiences as a trans woman and a trans/non-binary person are very different, it made me reflect upon the ways I’ve related to, supported, and been supported by trans people of various experiences and identities, at many points in my life.

Perhaps fittingly, between writing and recording this song, I upped my dose of T and my voice dropped so much I was barely able to sing it when we went into the studio. I reached out online for advice from other musicians on HRT, and eventually I linked up with a vocal coach who specializes in trans clients. In the end, it took me and Sarah multiple full-day recording sessions, several vocal lessons, and some elbow grease and studio magic to finish this song.

Hear both “Sleeper” and “Spirit Gum” below.

01 “Heaven”
02 “A New Complaint”
03 “Amy”
04 “Green”
05 “Spirit Gum”
06 “Family Tree”
07 “Sleeper”
08 “College Rock Song #1”
09 “Dig”
10 “The Thrill”

Some Kind Of Heaven is out 9/6 on Mint.

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