Braxe + Falcon – “All This Love” (Feat. Bibio)

Braxe + Falcon – “All This Love” (Feat. Bibio)

French touch fiends Alan Braxe and DJ Falcon are back at it today, and this time they’ve got company. “All This Love,” the new Braxe + Falcon single, is a collaboration with Bibio, the soft-rockin’ folktronica don. It’s as smooth and squelchy as you could possibly hope, and both artists have shared robust statements about the collab.

Here’s Braxe:

In 2023 I received a remix request from Warp Records for a beautiful song calling “S.O.L.” by Bibio featuring Olivier St. Louis. Bibio was happy with my remix and afterward we started to talk about music in general and music gear until the point we felt like doing an original track together would be a lot of fun. So I sent him a very basic demo DJ Falcon and I did, and from there we started to build the song remotely – actually for now we’ve never met him in person. We chose addiction for the song’s theme; it’s not specified if it’s an addiction to substances or a relationship, it’s more about the inner combat to recover from such situations.

And here’s Bibio:

I first discovered Alan Braxe and DJ Falcon back in the late 90s when they were releasing music on Roulé. Their music was part of the soundtrack to my youth and also an inspiration to me as a budding producer. Music like theirs proved that less is sometimes more, and that if you have the right ingredients and know how to use them – the recipe can be simple. After they sent me a demo, I recorded parts on guitar, bass guitar and keys, and we’d bounce files back and forth to each other. E.g. I’d play a bass line, they’d tweak it and send it back, I’d learn the tweaked bass line and re-play it on bass guitar to keep it sounding live. It was a new way of working for me which kept things feeling fresh. Alan gave me a theme for the lyrics, but I wrote them in such a manner that they could be interpreted in different ways, which is something I enjoy doing with lyrics. We wanted the song to sound bittersweet but hopeful – the chords move between contrasting emotions so I wanted the meaning behind the words to fit with that.

Sounds like quite the lovefest! Appropriately, given the song title. Listen below.

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