Field Music – “Six Weeks, Nine Wells”

Field Music – “Six Weeks, Nine Wells”

Since the release of Field Music’s 2021 album Flat White Moon, brothers David and Peter Brewis both unveiled their own solo LPs with The Soft Struggles and Blowdry Colossus respectively. Today, they’re back again as a duo with the announcement of a new Field Music record titled Limits Of Language; the triumphant lead single “Six Weeks, Nine Wells” is out now.

“We didn’t want to use the synths just as a nostalgic thumbprint. I hope that the approach was more Eno-esque than that. Exploring the capabilities of the machines.” Peter explained about Limits Of Language. David added, “I think we’ve always been quite pure in our intentions as artists. We’ve never altered what we do for the sake of making money or chasing what other people like. And there’s not really any reward for doing that beyond getting to make the music you want to make. But what if after all that you can’t even make the music?”

Hear “Six Weeks, Nine Wells” below.

01 “Six Weeks, Nine Wells”
02 “The Guardian Of Sleep”
03 “The Limits Of Language”
04 “Sounds About Right”
05 “Absolutely Negative”
06 “Curfew In The Square”
07 “Turn The Hours Away”
08 “On The Other Side”
09 “The Waitress Of St Louis”
10 “I Might Have Been Wrong”
11 “Between The Bridges”

Limits Of Language is out 10/11 on Memphis Industries.

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