New Guns N’ Roses – Chinese Democracy

Earlier this week, Page Six ran a story about Axl Rose bartering entrance to the Stereo nightclub after closing (at 5:30 AM) so he could continue his 44th birthday bash. His offer? A listening party for the COMPLETED Chinese Democracy which he’d been working on for the last nine years.

Difficult to get excited about that, since Axl once claimed the album would be out in 1998 (and every year since then) but tracks are leaking. So this is the real deal. All we needed was just a little patience [cue whistling].

After trying a handful of producers over the last decade (including Roy Thomas Baker, Bob Ezrin, Sean Beavan, and our favorite village vegan Moby) ultimately the album will be Axl-produced.

As far as we understand, this is the current band:

  • Axl Rose [king]
  • Tommy Stinson [bass]
  • Dizzy Reed [keyboards]
  • Chris Pitman [keyboards]
  • Brian “Brain” Manita (replaced Josh Freese) [drums]
  • Richard Fortus (replaced Paul Tobias) [guitar]
  • Robin Finck [guitar]

    Buckethead was of course the most interesting thing to happen to Project Democracy in years, but he quit in early ’04. [Sidenote: a man with a KFC bucket on his head will be the most interesting thing to happen to most projects; try it at the office sometime.]

    Here’s Stereogum’s brief timeline of the Chinese Democracy saga and MP3s of some of the new tracks.

    Two days before the release of End Of Days’ soundtrack (featuring new GN’R tune “Oh My God”), Axl’s manager tells LA Times a new album called Chinese Democracy will be released in 2000.

    Rolling Stone’s David Wild hears Chinese Democracy and describes it as “Physical Graffiti remixed by Beck and Trent Reznor.”
    NEW SONGS PLAYED: “Catcher In The Rye,” “Oklahoma [AKA “Riyadh And The Bedouins”],” “I.R.S.,” “T.W.A.T. (There Was A Time)”

    Guns N’ Roses 2.0 play first live show at the House Of Blues in Las Vegas. At 4 AM.
    NEW SONGS PLAYED: “Chinese Democracy,” “The Blues,” “Silkworms,” “Madagascar”

    Axl unveilves crazy new look in not-really-a-surprise performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards.
    NEW SONGS PLAYED: “Madagascar”

    GN’R kick off a national tour (a day late) at Tacoma Dome in Washington. The previous day’s last-minute Vancouver cancellation resulted in a riot.
    NEW SONGS PLAYED: “Chinese Democracy,” “Madagascar,” “The Blues”

    GN’R play Madison Square Garden in NYC. The band’s last gig before the tour is cancelled.
    NEW SONGS PLAYED: “Chinese Democracy,” “Madagascar,” “The Blues”

    Mike Piazza, of all people, premieres new GN’R tune on Q104.3’s late-night rock show. Mets catcher says he received it in the mail weeks earlier.

    Axl appears at a Korn party, lets people take his photo, promises 13-track Chinese Democracy this year.

    You get the idea. GN’R 2006: new face, new logo, new tunes.

    Questions for the group:
    1. Is anyone (including indie snobs) anticipating this album?
    2. What do you think of these leaked tracks?

    Guns N’ Roses – “I.R.S.” (MP3 Link Expired)
    Guns N’ Roses – “The Blues” (MP3 Link Expired)

    Check the comments for updated links.