Press Love For Blogger CDs

Nice words for top-notch music blogs Music For Robots, Lemon-Red, and Soul Sides in the new Entertainment Weekly. The three sites are taking on the music industry not by leaking unreleased albums but with highly-acclaimed mixes curated by the bloggers themselves. From EW (purchasing info available via the blog links in the first sentence.):

For those who never had cool older sibs to guide them, last year’s compilation from indie gurus Music For Robots is a helpful primer to underground bands. From the calm atmospherics of El Ten Eleven to radical raps from Mr. Lif. It defies genre specificity, yet remains uniformly listenable. B

What do Björk, Kelly Clarkson, and the Notorious B.I.G. have in common? Nothing, really. But they all show up on this beat-crazed mix from hip-hop-centric site Lemon-Red and NYC-based DJ Ayres. The unpredictable release rarely loses its wild, smashed-up pulse. B+

Courtesy of funk blog Soul Sides, the new disc boasts a bevy of deep grooves. Old-schoolers will love Donny Hathaway’s sorrowful take on John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy,” while youngsters will recognize Linda Lyndell’s “What A Man” from Salt-N-Pepa’s sample-laden hit. A

Color me impressed. Or lemony red. B/B+/A … on par with the same issue’s Built To Spill rating! Congrats, guys.

Of course here at the ‘Gum we tried to release our own mix, but getting Donald Fagen’s, Wolfmother’s, and K-Fed’s lawyers to allow their clients on the same CD was a logistical nightmare. Until we figure that shit out, download this familiar funk tornado from Soul Sides’ Volume:

Linda Lyndell – “Whatta Man” (MP3 Link Expired)

I’ve always loved the infectious, Lyndell-sampled Salt-N-Pepa/En Vogue hit. Especially when my straight male friends can’t help but sing along. (Though my married buddy Andy’s “Shoop” rendition is even more amusing.)

Speaking of blogger forays into old-school media … if you’re as into rap sample origins as I am check out my Before They Were Rap Songs playlist (pg. 299) in Ultragrrrl’s The Pocket DJ. I get 0 cents for every copy sold. Woo hoo!