Fucked Up Fuck Up MTV Live’s Bathroom

Ahead of their upcoming 12-hour NYC show, Toronto’s Fucked Up played a very short set — The Chemistry Of Common Lifeshout-along “Twice Born” — in MTV Live’s bathroom. They rip the place apart, spray painting the walls, removing ceiling tiles, doing something untoward to a motorcycle, etc. It kinda feels like MTV wanted this to happen (well, except when the camera goes to black for a few seconds), so it’s not all that exciting or surprising. Though Pink Eye does remove his shirt, clearly in solidarity with Randy Randall (not really in solidarity with Randy). Anyhow, they sound good.

There’s that “Kurt RIP” graffiti up there. Second time in a week, Cobain was invoked during a band’s on-air “rebellion.” You should pick-up The Chemistry Of Common Life, if you don’t have it. I’m proud of the kids: From the light bulb factory to MTV in just a few months! In fact, they’re even blogging for them: Pink Eye’s thoughts on last night.

The Chemistry Of Common Life is out via Matador.

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