New Robyn Video – “Cobrastyle”

We’ve seen Robyn bring her (well, the Teddybears’) “Cobrastyle” to The View, and we’ve also seen a video for just about every song on her album. But when every song on your album could be a single, you make a video for every song on your album. Although seeing a new clip from a collection initially released in 2005 does make me wonder when we’ll get a new set to obsess over, this will do fine for now: Robyn’s spitting out (hopefully) edible paint in slow-mo, dancing in regular-mo, dousing a set in color, and taking some help on the drums from her “With Every Heartbeat” homey Andreas Kleerup. It’s a little bit of her Ocelot Mthrfckers Remix video spliced with how YACHT wishes his clip turned out.

(via Spinner)

Robyn is out via Cherrytree.

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