Fucked Up And Moby Cover The Ramones

There’s bound to be more clips surfacing from Fucked Up’s free 12-hour show at the Rogan Store (330 Bowery, NYC) yesterday (10/14), but seems like video of the Toronto-based bathroom re-designers doing a cover of “Blitzkrieg Bop” with Moby on guest guitar/vocals is as good a place as any to start. (Other guests included J. Mascis, Vivian Girls, Ezra Koenig, etc. Akon didn’t show, ha ha.) Last night a friend and I were talking about how it’s pretty fascinating to see Matador putting so much into The Chemistry Of Common Life. I’m a longtime Fucked Up fan and dig the new record (though have to say I think Hidden World’s better at this point), but who’d of thought the label would be pushing hardcore — even in this updated form — so hard(core). Anyhow, Moby looks like he’s having fun.

While we’re here, take another listen to “No Epiphany” and “Twice Born.” We’ll upload any other highlights (Ezra) as we come across them.

The Chemistry Of Common Life is out via Matador.