New Christian Falk (Feat. Robyn) Video – “Dream On”

With “Dream On,” Swedish producer/composer Christian Falk sets a nighttime backdrop for Swedish Robyn to do her thing, singing about pimps, punks, lifers, and snitchers. Now it’s time to do the math. Originally, it wasn’t just Robyn on the track: The faint shadow of a male singer on the original, which first appeared on Falk’s 2006 second collection People Say, was the Ark’s Swedish vocalist Ola Salo. Ola also didn’t appear on the version of “Dream On” that showed up on the North American release of Robyn’s self-titled fourth album. If that weren’t enough, there was also a few remixes and edits and now this shimmery 2008 take. Which is why it got a shimmery new video treatment. (Yes, there was a video for the 2006 Ola version starring teenagers.) Why all the hubbub? Get inspired:

People Say is out via Data/Bonnier. The “Dream On” single is available for download 11/17 via Data. It’s out in physical form 11/24. You can hear it without images at Christian’s MySpace.