Evelyn Evelyn – “My Space” (Feat. Amanda Palmer, Jason Webley, Frances Bean Cobain, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Andrew W.K., Neil Gaiman, Et Al)

As mentioned, Dresden Doll Amanda Palmer’s teamed up with Jason Webley for the concept album Evelyn Evelyn, about a pair of fictional conjoined twins who have a really stocked rolodex. The guest list is sprawling, a lively slice thereof — including Andrew W.K., “Weird Al,” and graphic novelist/Palmer fiancé Neil Gaiman — turn up on “My Space,” which hits like the theme song to Cheers gone ’80s power ballad. The theme is finding your place, which makes the track’s most notable cameo a little more poignant: one Frances Bean Cobain, the living embodiment of Nobody’s Daughter (legally speaking), making her recorded vocal debut somewhere inside the mesh of voices lining the song (tough to say who’s doing what away from Palmer and Webley). She’s already a sharp dresser, now a recording artist; no wonder Palmer says Frances has “got her shit together.” All told an unexpectedly busy day for the Love/Cobain gene pool, no?

Evelyn Evelyn – “My Space”

Evelyn Evelyn is out today via 11 Records. Stream the whole record at Bandcamp.