Phantogram – “Mouthful Of Diamonds” Video

In Phantogram’s “Mouthful Of Diamonds” video, the (upstate) New York duo hover inside an isolated house, looking out of the windows at darkness too thick to see through. The pair barely make eye contact, except for a moment toward the end when member Josh Carter steps outside to dig a hole in the frozen ground. Such cold ambiguity makes sense for Phantogram; Eyelid Movies, as well as its opening track “Mouthful Of Diamonds,” were made for solitary 3 a.m. listenings. Sarah Barthel’s vocals seem as if they’re being whispered to you, somewhere between the song’s drum machine and guitar. The video was directed by Drew Norton, who’s also done videos for Say Hi and Micachu & The Shapes.

(Via P4k)

Eyelid Movies is out now via Barsuk.

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