Jack White Does Have A Sense Of Humor

Brooklyn Vegan has the scoop from an attendee of the Raconteurs video shoot in Greenpoint yesterday:

It was an amazing afternoon, and the band was super cool to everyone there, talking to everyone in between takes. Jack showed us his customized guitar which is made of Copper, and was letting us hold it and comparing the weight to Brendan’s wooden guitar. They also talked about the VMAs, and mentioned the bombed joke of Jack Black and Jack White forming a band, which I found interesting. Apparently they talked about it before hand and White’s non-response to Black’s suggestion of forming the band was supposed to be the punchline, but White commented that, but when he watched it on TV later on, he thought he just looked pissed off and was an asshole, and everyone started asking him why he hated Jack Black, his mom even asked him why he hated Black. He said he just cant shake the misconception that he doesn’t have a sense of humor. White ended everything by walking around to everyone in the crowd and shaking every one’s hand and thanked them for coming.

Of course he has a sense of humor! He’s gonna be on the Simpsons! He does hate Tenacious D, though.