New Sigur Rós Video – “Við spilum endalaust”

Since reintroducing themselves via footage of naked young people, Sigur Rós have been mostly focused on being great live, offering full streaming video of themselves live, and making music videos that capture them performing, well, live. The Nick Abrahams-directed clip for the majestically horny “Við spilum endalaust” doesn’t step out of line, although there is some slow-mo trampoline jumping and Jonsi heads superimposed over confetti bursts to remind you that this is an ART ROCK BAND. The fact that it’s pixelated isn’t an aesthetic choice, though. It’s just shit resolution.

Also in Sigur Rós: “Hoppípolla” is in the trailer for the new Danny Boyle flick Slumdog Millionaire. Which gives me an excuse to note the game show host in that movie is Anil Kapoor, one of my favorite Bollywood actors from back when I used to have favorite Bollywood actors. He was in a film called Mr. India in which he had superpowers and crazy sweet dance moves. It was horribly cheesy obvs. But also it was the best. Fact.

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