Cold Cave – “Life Magazine (The Arthur Baker’s Not Going Back Remix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

Caralee McElroy all but disappeared from “Life Magazine” in the Pantha Du Prince remix we posted. She’s back for Arthur Baker’s turn, though for the most part he also distorts and cuts her vocal until it resembles the single’s keyboard sounds. The fact that Baker did a remix for Cold Cave is notable in itself, because he’s a legendary producer (New Order, Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock”) and also because he’s picky. Baker on Cold Cave/remixing in the Village Voice:

I’m working with this group Cold Cave. I really love to experiment, and I love to boldy rip apart a track, but I really like to start with something that’s good. I passed up the Happy Mondays’ first record because I just thought the songs were shit. As it turned out, they’re a really good band, but the songs weren’t good. With me, it’s my personal taste. I’m sure I’ve passed on things that have become hits. But to hit the studio and work on things I don’t like? You can’t polish shit.

Cold Cave – “Life Magazine (The Arthur Baker’s Not Going Back Remix)” (MP3)

The “Life Magazine” 12? is out 6/8 via Matador.