New Raconteurs Video – “Old Enough”

Jack White was playing patty-cake with the Kills yesterday. Today he and his fellow Raconteurs head out into the woods and play the traveling hobo bards from the album cover of Consolers Of The Lonely. It’s all in honor of Autumn De Wilde’s video for soft Appalachian rocker “Old Enough.” If you’re familiar with De Wilde’s other work, you should know to expect something more elaborate than just trees and bark. So, of course, it’s not your usual forest; instead, the guys are in some kind of pastoral hall of mirrors, complete with a mysterious woman in an animated dress.

Jack, Brendan, & Co. aren’t just into wearing antique clothes for their roadshow, they’re also doing Antique Roadshow parodies. Take a look at From Old To Gold.

Consolers Of The Lonely is out via Warner Bros.