Dom – “Living In America” & “Burn Bridges”

Dom – “Living In America” & “Burn Bridges”

Synthesized Worcester pop trio (and sometimes quintet?) Dom have a playful sense of humor and a zeitgeist-bating back story filled with fights, foster homes, drugs and general post-Gummo quirk. Plus, the main dude Dom (no last name) has great hair. Or, as a MySpace commenter points out, his hair is “the sex.” In all these senses, it’s not surprising Dom (the guy) cites Girls as one of his favorites. Though he did tell Pitchfork he’s suspicious of Christopher Owens’ cult autobiography: “That’s probably just his publicist’s idea, something they cooked up to sell more records.” The band’s been playing together since January, which in case you don’t do calendars, was just a couple of months ago. Still, they’ve managed to garner a good amount of press and, more importantly, pen a memorable anthem that sounds much older with “Living In America,” a title that should immediately conjure images of James Brown and Rocky IV. Of course, the song’s cheekier than that. Which isn’t to say it isn’t sincere. As Dom, who definitely gives good interview, also told P4K:

“Living in America” is sort of facetious. What I really wanted to do was make a ‘YMCA’-type track that I would be best known for but forever hate myself for writing. Politicians can totally use it at campaigns as long as they pay me. But America’s pretty awesome. I can’t say enough about Worcester, Massachusetts. It’s a utopia.

We have it in both MP3 and video form so you can witness the fruit of utopia from various angles. In a way, it could very well be what you spurned MGMT fans are looking for post Congratulations. On a lower-fi tip.

Dom – “Living In America”

The video features a few of America’s favorite things.

Dom’s debut EP Sun Bronzed Greek Gods is out via Burning Mill Records. The first edition is gone. A second pressing is underway. You’ll be able to get it on 10″ purple vinyl on 5/1. You’ll find “Living In America” on it. You’ll find this one:

Dom – “Burn Bridges”

If you’re in the NYC area, they’re playing a Popfest 2010 after party at Glasslands on 5/20.

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