New Army Navy Video (Feat. Paul Scheer) – “My Thin Sides”

The Jeremy Konner-directed video for Army Navy’s “My Thin Sides” features Human Giant’s Paul Scheer, who shows up as the band’s tambourine player, currently stuck in a funk, remembering the better times before he got kicked out for getting a little too excited during a show (see above screen grab). If you’re unfamiliar with the band, you might remember them from the beloved Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, wherein two of their songs appeared. The Los Angeles power-pop quartet also recently released a self-titled debut album, produced by Adam Lasus. That’s where “My Thin Sides” comes from. Here’s the a/v version. Don’t worry, it has a (really) happy ending. (Not really).

Here it is sans Scheer:

Army Navy – “My Thin Sides” (MP3)

Army Navy is out via the band’s own The Fever Zone.