Crystal Castles Get Technological For Toshiba

Alice Glass topping the NME Cool List isn’t so surprising when you consider how she and (to a lesser degree) Ethan Kath have tapped the hep zeitgeist. From the controversy over their merch and accusations of plagiarism down to Glass’s perfectly angled hair and perfectly black eye makeup, it’s as if the duo’s dark fashion-forward 8-bit excursions were hatched by a computer program using Vice and lastnightsparty-approved algorithms. She’s that realm’s ideal pinup. Fitting, then, that CC’s “Air War” would be the soundtrack for this Toshiba clip, ostensibly “the world’s first timesculpture advert.”

Thanks for the tip, Gustav. If the technology escaped you, here’s the making of “the world’s first timesculpture” advertisement.