Tokyo Police Club Visit Desperate Housewives

If for some crazy reason you didn’t watch Desperate Housewives last night, you missed Tokyo Police Club’s prime time network television debut. The Canadian indie rock group has a friend who writes for ABC’s Sunday night drama and namechecked the band in a script a few weeks back. Last night’s episode featured TPC as Coldsplash, a hot local act competing against the men of Wisteria Lane in a Battle of the Bands. According to The Canadian Press, two band members shot speaking lines, but I think they got cut. (I can’t be sure because I watched the episode in 4x fast forward.) (UPDATE: They weren’t cut!) That article also has this quote from keyboard player Graham Wright: “I walked past Eva Longoria at one point but I didn’t say hi. You know how it is, they probably had better things to do than talk to us.” Aww. Anyway, here’s Coldsplash performing “In A Cave” before Blue Odyssey literally burn the house down in a scene uncomfortably reminiscent of the 2003 Station nightclub fire. Yikes.

Spoiler alert: Later in the episode we learn Blue Odyssey’s drummer set the fire to destroy evidence that he strangled a man backstage. Not Dave Monks, but that would have been funny.

Tokyo Police Club – “In A Cave” (MP3)

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