New Radiohead Video – “15 Step”

You’ll recall that Radiohead’s made a “15 Step” video before, that time that Mr. Yorke popped up in the middle of Se7ven’s climax in a box where (spoiler alert) Gwyneth Paltrow should have been. But it wasn’t a full treatment, and we’re still under the auspices of the band’s continuing “it’s up to you” campaign, so the creative control on this one has been turned over to a fan. However this fan earned the opportunity, the latest in the ongoing parade of award-winning user-generated videos Radiohead’s unveiling of late. Kota Totori’s manga-styled take on the track is the “15 Step” champion, featuring a chubby hero running down a dream while giant statues and dream bubbles and society collapses all around him.

That was creative, but nothing beats Thom in a box:

The winning video for “Videotape” will be revealed 11/29.

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