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Progress Report: Kings Of Convenience

NAME: Kings of Convenience
PROGRESS REPORT: Recording their third studio LP, Quiet IS The New Loud (working title), at Esagono Studios near Reggio Emilia, Italy

Things are coming full circle for Kings Of Convenience, at least as album titles go. “We have thought about Quiet IS The New Loud, says Erlend Øye of their upcoming third studio album. “But the record company might object to that.” Quiet Is The New Loud — the same title minus a capital letter — was the name of Kings of Convenience’s 2001 debut album. It’s been five years since their last LP, 2004’s Riot On An Empty Street, so a confusing title isn’t the biggest concern, especially when most assumed the duo had stopped working together.

Though they have been busy elsewhere — Eirik Glambek Bøe has a young son and a band called Kommode, Øye is prepping a Whitest Boy Alive album for late February — the next KoC album remains a huge priority. In fact, the duo have been commuting between Bergen, Norway and another studio, outside Reggio Emilia, Italy, to complete the next LP. Longtime collaborator Davide Bertolini is also back to co-produce Quiet IS The New Loud.

Øye says they’ve got 14 songs they’ll pare down to 12 for the album, though the process has been slow. “It’s hard because we know how we want each song to sound, but not quite how to play it in order to make it sound that way. Recording a song is like drawing a perfect circle, but we are determined,” says Bøe. “We’ll get there.” They’ve put other things on hold for this — Kommode haven’t recorded lately, and Øye has stopped DJing, among other things. “I stopped working with electronic music as I realized it’s much more fun to play live with KoC and WBA,” says Øye. The guys have another side project as well, one that benefits from recording out in the middle of Italian farmland. “Now when we’re 33, we’re finally beginning to reap the benefits of not having been smoking and drinking,” says Bøe. “On tour we play tennis and soccer. Erlend beat me last month, but my revenge this week was sweet.”


INTERIM REPORT: The Wrens are getting ready to go into the studio. Blame the holdup on Charles Bissell, who’s inexplicably spending time with his new baby instead of with a bunch of other dudes in a recording studio.


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