Miss Independent & Mike Watt

Miss Independent & Mike Watt

We scoffed at the first reports of this odd couple, but sure enough, ex-Minuteman and now Stooge Mike Watt is laying bass down on the next Kelly Clarkson record — and Pitchfork has the photographic proof!

Nice nab for Kelly! Meanwhile, Mike had nothing but praise for Ted Leo’s favorite American Idol contestant:

I knew nothing of Kelly Clarkson before this but can tell you, in my opinion, that she can sing her ass off. Man, she’s got pipes and goes for it. She also didn’t have any airs or a big posse of sycophants and was just plain up-front people, which to me is very happening ’cause I ain’t so used to all the fronting that can go [on] in some scenes.

It was a challenge too ’cause it was much different than where I’ve been with music, but different is good, especially when what the people involved wanted was to hear someone working a bass like they meant it, and that’s where I’ve always tried to come from.

When [Clarkson] had to bail, she said to [Kahne], ‘I think the old punk guy idea’s a good one,’ and we all laughed.

Aww. We think so, too! Now she should bring it full circle and get Ted to lay down some guit, if only to force squeamish bloggers into writing about a reality show winner. Oh wait — she just managed that, didn’t she. Whatever, we’re still for it!

UPDATE: Kelly Clarkson To Play Bamboozle ’07? (Warning: MTV.com link.)

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