Spirituals – “You Would’ve Faked It”

As an album, Spirituals careens down a sample-savvy, percussion-padded electronic musical course well plotted by Four Tet. As an artist, Spirituals is Tyler Tadlock, a drummer and jazz enthusiast from Jackon, Mississippi, and while that doesn’t do too much do distinguish him from Kieran Hebden, the way those descriptors course through his debut album’s ten tracks — fancifully adept drumfill flourishes and skronk sax nuzzled up to hypnotic loops, chopped and pasted interstitial tracks pouring into spurts of glitchy IDM — do lead to some worthy, distinct headphone candy. He’s filed a great remix for Caribou, and the album’s worth hearing as well; after the jump you can get a jump on both those fronts, along with MP3 of the non-album track “You Would’ve Faked It,” which didn’t make Spirituals for sample clearance purposes, and would have been my favorite cut on the record if it had.

Spirituals – “You Would’ve Faked It”

A couple from the album:

Spirituals – “Wanderings”

Spirituals – “Every Head Bowed, Every Eye Closed”

Spirituals is out via Waaga. “Wanderings” is getting an EP release soon, with remixes by Abacus, White Mountains, Beautiful Bells, and Mister Nick. Speaking of remixes, here’s one you should have:

Caribou – “Sun (Spirituals Remix)”