Patrick Wolf Enlists Tilda Swinton In Fan-Funded Battle

Patrick Wolf is not a conventional artist, so it comes as no surprise that Scottish actress Tilda Swinton (Burn After Reading, Benjamin Button, other movies without Brad Pitt) appears all over his forthcoming album. Just kidding, that is a big surprise. She’s performing spoken word on the Smashing Pumpkins meets Kath Bush double LP Battle, acting as the “voice of the hope.”

Here’s Tilda discussing the project:

“My feeling is that we all but certainly come from the same planet: kith and kin. His music sounds like the great unexpressed soundtrack of a great film I want to see – and try to catch every night before I go to sleep. It’s a lovely thing to be part of that magical landscape.”

That comes via Bandstocks, the company that’s financing Battle (and Patrick’s new label) by selling £10 shares to fans.

If you want a sample of the new project before you invest, head here for a seven minute album sampler that includes a bit of the Tilda-assisted “Theseus.” You can also check her references:

Battle, which also features former Atari Teenage Rioter Alec Empire, is out this spring on Patrick’s Bloody Chamber Music label.