New Kings Of Leon – “On Call”

The Followill clan have been cast off as fashion rock phonies, particularly after a slot opening for Julian, Fab, and the guys gave writers the easy and wildly inaccurate “Southern Strokes” tag. Aha Shake Heartbreak should have answered more questions about the band’s integrity and direction than it did, and despite ever-growing popularity, Caleb, his brothers, and cousin are after your hearts, music snobs. We last saw ‘em at ACL, where the band played one of the fest’s best sets and previewed songs from their April-released, third LP Because Of The Times. Really great shit. They told NME:

These songs are so much bigger — this band is so much better. There was a growth that people thought they heard on Aha Shake Heartbreak from Youth & Young Manhood, but there’s no comparison this time out. I think it’s pretty evident when people hear it.

Caleb quote aside, it wouldn’t be tough to imagine “On Call” sitting alongside “Pistole Of Fire” and “The Bucket” as a sort of slow-driving, booze-soaked rocker — and it’s not the revelation Caleb seems to promise — but if you’ve liked the Kings, you’ll love it. Hear it at MySpace.