Björk – “The Comet Song” Video

Björk’s “The Comet Song,” which she wrote with Icelandic author/poet/previous collaborator Sjón, appears in Moomins And The Comet Chase, the 3-D film starring Tove Jansson’s animated trolls. (It opened in Finland earlier this month.) In an interesting and worthwhile BBC interview from 8/4, Björk discusses the appeal of the series and characters, looking at the minimalism, the Nordic feel, the connection to nature, and noting that “reading to my children I actually noticed some kind of anti-authority aspect in it — there’s no hierarchy between the characters, they are all equal. I like that a lot.” Use that for background or just skip ahead and watch the video at The song itself is out on iTunes tomorrow (8/24) with all proceeds going to UNICEF childrens charities in Pakistan.

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