Modest Mutilation In Sioux Falls

Here’s one way to make sure you’re band name is still on people’s lips by your album’s release day, even if you suffered a high-profile leak months before: whip out a knife onstage and engage in some hot chest-laceration action. The buzz from Sioux Falls, South Dakota has it that Isaac Brock delivered a bloody, erratic “Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes” during the band’s show at Ramkota Exhibit Hall, during which he deliberately, repeatedly smacked himself in the face with his mic before brandishing a blade and making skin incisions through his white tee. Sioux Falls blog Argus Leader Media was on hand and filed the only written, first-hand account we’ve found yet (via P4K):

After starting out a set that was mostly perfunctory, but enjoyable, Brock?s odd streak returned during an instrumental passage in the tune ?Tiny Cities Made of Ash.? After wrestling with his guitar and guitar strap, Brock threw his six-string off his body and began uncoiling the microphone cord wrapped around the mic stand in front of him. After spazzing out while singing some quasi-decipherable vocals, Brock stepped back in a frenzy and sliced his chest.

Watching from in front of the opposite side of the stage ? but with a clear view of Brock?s body ? I wasn?t close enough to exactly determine what he was doing. But it appeared he had some sort of object in his hand that he used to make two swift cuts on his torso. Immediately after the frantic moves, the band?s bearded stage hand/sound guy/roadie seated to Brock?s left jumped on stage and grappled with Brock, making sure the singer?s arms couldn?t reach his body for further harm. Brock then cooled down a bit, embraced the stage hand and they talked in each other?s ears for a second before each released the other and Brock returned to the mic. It all happened in about 10 to 15 seconds.

After the incident, Brock?s white T-shirt had two clear slices on its front with blood stains building around the cuts (check out the fuzzy photo posted above, with one of the slices in clear view). Yet, he didn?t miss a song and played through several more of the band?s tunes before breaking for an encore.

Thanks to citizen journalism and Web 2.0, this YouTube clip shows blood-stained Brock, while this one captures the moments leading up to his bout of self-mutilation. Sadly, we just got a whole lot more excited for their April shows in NYC.

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