New Fleet Foxes – “False Knight On The Road”

When he’s not sitting or blogging or Fleet Foxing, which is basically all of the time, Robin Pecknold is making music as White Antelope. Recently he cut a solo cover of the traditional folk song “False Knight On The Road” (popularized by Steeleye Span and later Richard Thompson) which will appear as a Fleet Foxes b-side on the new “Mykonos” 7″ and included on a forthcoming special edition of their album. You can hear it, along with a short “Guitar Duet,” at the White Antelope MySpace. He tells Chocolate Bobka he “used to post demos of songs on that page before the record came out,” and that he’ll soon record a cover of Judee Sill’s “Ridge Rider” for a compilation as “trying to write new stuff is hard right now for some reason.” Don’t worry though, Robin sent that message from the house Fleet Foxes rented to make their new album so that is at least a mild strain of progress, and he divulges plans to make “a record of really spare stuff for White Antelope,” possibly this year. Might wanna bookmark that MySpace.